Sexting: What To Do If A Man Asks You For Pictures

I had originally intended on continuing the series on accountability today, but something on Twitter last night caught my eye.

There was a conference on The Gospel and Human Sexuality in progress and many people were tweeting live from it.  So, the top trending topic was #erlcsummit.  I was excited to see it being talked about.

The third trending topic, however, made my heart stop for a minute.  Apparently, yesterday was National Send Your Man Some Nudes Day.  It is an unofficial holiday to say the least and many women on Twitter were mocking it, posting pictures of their bare arms or a bottle of Naked fruit juice.  Still, some of the men were greatly enthused.  One even let all the single women know that he was accepting direct messages for those who did not have a man.

It made me think about that day, over ten years ago, when someone asked me for pictures.

And I gave him them.

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Build New Connections

People- either you obsess over them or you hate them.  These seem to be the two extremes faced by women who struggle with lust.

Your ‘real‘ friends are replaced by the people in the chat rooms or on the fanfic forums.

Real men are replaced by the cooked-up Prince Charmings of the romance novels or the studded, aggressive porn stars in the videos.

This ‘disconnect’ from reality is, in my opinion, one of the most damaging results of sin and its accompanying shame.  Failing to re-establish connections leaves you right where you started- searching for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. Continue reading

Restoring Joy


It is one of the fruits of the Spirit and something I talk about a lot here on the blog. For me, it is one of the most beautiful ‘evidences’ per se of what God has done in my life.

Did you know, though, that while joy is an evidence of God’s working, it is still an attitude that we choose, and therefore can pursue?  Look at the life of David- King of Israel, psalmist, giant-slayer, womanizer, and don’t forget, womanizer and murderer.

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Nothing to Prove

Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:13-14 {KJV}

As we look ahead on this journey of freedom, yesterday was all about the vision.  Who do you see yourself being?  What are some passions and desires you have?

Today is going to be all about our motivation.

If you are move forward to prove something to yourself, you will fail.   Continue reading

Catch a Vision

 “Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before…”  Philippians 3:13 {KJV}

We are starting back up on day 3 of week 4 of the Practical Steps in Freedom Series.  In previous weeks we have talked about looking back, looking up, and looking around.  Now, it is all eyes forward as we start to actually walk in freedom.  You could say that everything up until now has been preparing us for these first steps in our new life.

If you have no idea where we are, take a moment to read the post right before this one to give you an idea.  In the verse I quoted above, forgetting what is behind is immediately followed by reaching forth to what is before.  So, let me ask you a question: Continue reading

Spring Cleaning: Catching You Up on All the Series

My ‘regular’ readers will know that I took February and March off to work on the site and to just take a bit of a breather.  February was filled with a lot of growth and working diligently on connecting within community.  March was spent building up the site to what you see now.  It was my intent to provide a more all-inclusive experience to connect you to resources and help answer questions while making it easier to manage on my end.

As I am sure you have noticed, I have been a little slow on the restart.  I apologize.  I hope to one day share the story of what is distracting my time right now, besides planning for my upcoming trip.  I want to get back into the swing of things including picking up the three series I left hanging.

Yes, that is right.  I left in the middle of three unfinished series.  So, let us take a bit to recap.

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5 Prom Alternatives That Won’t Ruin Your Life or Reputation

Perhaps, for whatever reason, you have decided not to go to prom.

Let me, first off, tell you a very important truth:

In ten years, no one is going to care.

I say that as a woman who graduated high school 11 (oh dear) years ago, and never attended prom, or homecoming, or any other kind of school-sponsored function (except powder-puff football). I know right now, it may mean the world to you and your friends might think you have officially lost your mind. The reality is, though, years down the road, your attendance of prom will not matter to the people who matter to you.

Still, it is rough.  It is rough listening to your friends chat about how they are going to do their hair, or listen to your classmates talk about the party that is going to happen afterwards.  You can feel left out, and I get that.  So, I went to Facebook and my e-mails here to try and find some creative ways to ‘replace’ prom. Continue reading

Sex, Drugs, and Self-Control: How to Keep Prom From Destroying Your Purity

The high schoolers formed a tight circle in the corner of the dance floor.  One of the nearby chaperones tried to see what was going on in the middle, but they kept obstructing her view.  She finally pushed her way through and discovered couples, in the middle, having sex.  As in sexual intercourse.  But hey!  They were at least using condoms, so that makes it OK, right?

Welcome to prom.

Now, I understand not every prom is like that, but throughout the years, prom night has developed this reputation for being a night of reckless escapades and expensive ones at that.  What starts as a ‘formal’ school-sponsored dance can morph rather quickly into a night of underage drinking, drug use, and orgies.  An unsuspecting young woman may find herself in compromising situations.  The star of the football team might wrap his car around a tree.

But, again, not every prom is like that.  What if yours is?  What if yours could be?  How do we, as Christians, navigate this?

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Beggar’s Daughter: Five Years Later

Yesterday marked five years since the day I first put my story online. Beggar’s Daughter was not a blog then; it was just a webpage.  Just a story.  Just my story.

I thought that if I shared it just that once, God would leave me alone and let me continue to pursue my dreams.  One begrudging act of obedience merited a little blessing, I thought.

That was 2009.  I was just over five years out of high school and nowhere near where I planned on being.  My five year plan back in 2003 included med school, a pending MD after my name, a diamond on my hand, with a baby on the way all wrapped up in a white picket fence out in the middle of suburbia.  That was my plan. Continue reading