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In college, at the height of my struggle, I reached out to a popular Christian purity speaker.  I told her I struggled with pornography and asked if she knew of any resources.  She responded in a letter and said, “There aren’t any resources… maybe you’ll be the first to provide those.”

I’m not the first, but I am one….



If you are a woman who has struggled with lust and pornography, there is hope. Though you may feel trapped in a destructive cycle that is keeping you distant from God, you are not alone.

Jessica Harris has been there, and she has made it her mission to break the silence, banish the shame, and bring the struggle into the light. In this authentic and honest book, she shows you a road map for restoration that answers the question “Is there grace left for me?” with a resounding and emphatic “Yes!”

It’s time to break down the wall of shame between yourself and your God in order to drink from the well of grace, forgiveness, and freedom God has for you.

Foreword by Phylicia Masonheimer, founder of Every Woman a Theologian and author of Christian Cosmo: The Sex Talk You Never Had.


Available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook format. Discounts and bulk orders available from my publisher.



Beggars Daughter by Jessica Harris

I have spoken with several girls who have said it was like coming up for air after drowning for years.  Even girls who are well on their way to victory were overwhelmed by the feeling of not being alone as they read it.”



Beggar's Daughter- released March 2016

Beggar’s Daughter is, in essence, my memoir.  A transparent glimpse into my journey written to identify with women who struggle but also to educate those around them.  Available on Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble online.

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