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My name is Jessica Harris, no relation to Josh, Alex, Brett or pretty much any other Harris you may know. I’m a wordsmith, poet, and storyteller, passionate about helping women and girls find hope and freedom. Since 2009, I’ve been sharing my story. I was a Christian girl addicted to porn and found freedom. I wanted other women to know they were not alone.

I am unbelievably passionate about grace.

For years, I had battled in shame, afraid to share my struggle because I was a girl and a Christian one at that. When I eventually was caught in college, the dean of women looked at me and said,

“We know this wasn’t you. Women just don’t have this problem.”


Words that changed the course of my life. Words that made me give up. The high school graduate intent on becoming a doctor and living the American dream became a Christian college drop out trying to become a porn star.

A year later, at another college, the dean of women stood at the front of a room of women and said,

“We know some of you struggle with pornography, and we’re here to help you.”


Words that changed the course of my life. Words that set me free. That message of hope and freedom is the one I share.

It is my passion to change the conversation.

I am glad you’re here, glad you are at least willing to be part of this conversation, even if it is just to listen.


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