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Hi, there!

I’m Jessica Harris, no relation to Josh, Alex, Brett, or pretty much any other Harris you may know.  I grew up in Ohio, now live in Maryland, and part of my heart is in a little city around the world- Manila, Philippines.  I’m a wordsmith, poet, and storyteller, passionate about helping women and girls find hope and freedom.

I talk about porn, sex, singleness, sexual exploitation, and grace.

I am a former porn addict and in 2009, I started to share my story and help women and girls know they are not alone in their struggles.  It is my passion to help change the conversation and to help build communities where women find hope and healing.  We cannot be silent.

If we’re silent about the struggle, we’re silent about the grace.

This website here was just supposed to be a book.  I was going to write one book and move on with my master plan- go back to school, get married, start a family.  Instead, it took seven years to finish that book.  In 2016, I self-published my story, Beggar's Daughter, and in September 2017, released a second book, a devotional for young women entitled Love Done Right: Reflections.

“Just a book” has become my life, and there is nothing I would rather do.  Everywhere I go, I am met by women finding hope for the first time.  There is no greater joy.

I am glad you’re here, glad you are at least willing to be part of this conversation, even if it is just to listen.


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