Introducing Love Done Right: Reflections

Breaking right before the end of the purity series to talk about the new book!  Years ago, I wrote my first book, Love Done Right: Devos.  Last year, I decided that book needed a do-over.  That newly remodeled book will hit the mail (probably not the shelves) in just over ten days.  Some of you have asked for more information- what is it?  What is it about?

Love Done Right: Reflections is a devotional book designed specifically for high school and college age women.

Grant you, the truths in it are for anyone, so anyone is welcome to read it, but when an author writes, they have to pick an audience.  As I’ve traveled and spoken, and interacted with different groups, this demographic is, by far, the one my heart has been burdened for- world-wide.

Women in this group don’t really have much.  They are typically in male-led, male-organized, male-oriented youth groups or campus ministry groups.  It’s not until they get older- career-aged, young couples, moms of young kids, that they start breaking into female-oriented community.

The heart of this book is to start that sooner.  It’s designed to be done on your own or in a group and it’s broken up so it could be a 21 day study or a 4 week study.

The devotionals are short, about three pages each, with one or two questions at the end and then a section summary.

This is not a porn book.

This is a book meant to speak to young women wherever they are in life.  Are pornography and lust mentioned?  Yes.  So are divorce, abuse, rape, fantasy, and self-esteem.

It’s really meant to be a journey into the love of God.  From the brokenness we experience here, in so many ways, into the everlasting arms of a God who is, He himself, love.  The Gospel is clearly presented and the last section of the book is all about how that love changes us, equips us, and calls us to love others.


Here’s a little sneak peek (you’ll need a PDF reader).

Love Done Right: Reflections- “Broken Loves”

You can still pre-order it, and as part of the pre-order, you’ll get a hand-written letter of encouragement from me, written on a card designed by my college mentor, Sarah.  If you’d like to claim that, e-mail your order information to orders AT beggarsdaughter.com and you’ll be sent further instructions.

As an added bonus, if you lead a group of women and want to order ten or more, I’ll throw in a coffee shop gift card for your group.  Because community happens over coffee (or tea).

Overall, my prayer for this book is that women would come to a greater understanding of how much they are loved by God, and how His love is the only love done right.