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Is Sexting Wrong?

I get this question more often than I care to count.  Young women, caught in the tsunami of technology find themselves confused.

They ask, as they have for generations, how far is too far?


We get caught up in technicalities a lot.   When it comes to purity, it seems both sides are quick to over-legislate or under-legislate.  I can remember when I was in youth group.  Without the temptation of cell-phones the biggest concern of ours was whether or not it was OK to kiss.  One side said, “no.”  It condemned any and all physical contact between a man and a woman, spawning such things as the ‘six inch rule’ or ‘keep room for a Bible between.’

On the other hand, there was the Christian liberty camp that said kissing was ok.  Since it was not technically sex, then it was technically ok to kiss.  After all, God said nothing about kissing in the Bible.

He didn’t say anything about sex either.