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Kissing is Not Sex: Part 2

I started writing this followup to my previous post Kissing is Not Sex.

A couple thousands words later (that is no exaggeration), I realized a few things:

1. I was still nowhere near making my point

2. Thousands of words is far too long for a blog post

All of that to say that this topic is probably not succinctly covered in two little (or not so little) blog posts.  Whenever we look at anything regarding relationships, there are variables and lots of them.  One size simply does not fit all.  A relationship between two people with past sexual experiences will look different than a relationship between two virgins in their mid-30s.  Both relationships can have radically different guidelines but both can honor God.

So, how do we develop these guidelines of maintaining purity?  If they are not one-size-fits-all, how do we know what is ‘good’?

5 Prom Alternatives That Won’t Ruin Your Life or Reputation

Perhaps, for whatever reason, you have decided not to go to prom.

Let me, first off, tell you a very important truth:

In ten years, no one is going to care.

I say that as a woman who graduated high school 11 (oh dear) years ago, and never attended prom, or homecoming, or any other kind of school-sponsored function (except powder-puff football). I know right now, it may mean the world to you and your friends might think you have officially lost your mind. The reality is, though, years down the road, your attendance of prom will not matter to the people who matter to you.

Still, it is rough.  It is rough listening to your friends chat about how they are going to do their hair, or listen to your classmates talk about the party that is going to happen afterwards.  You can feel left out, and I get that.  So, I went to Facebook and my e-mails here to try and find some creative ways to ‘replace’ prom.