The Story Behind the Name

Many people wonder the story behind the name Beggar’s Daughter.

Long before I ever wrote a blog post, I was a poet. Throughout my childhood, I expressed my emotions through symbolism and song. In high school, I had a couple poems published in poetry anthologies and hundreds of poems are stored in worn folders in my closet.

Words can convey emotions.

When I first decided to start a blog in 2007/2008, the first title was “purity after pornography.” I hated it.

It was dry.

So, as I ventured into starting a website, I wanted something that conveyed more emotion. The name needed to convey the struggle, the emotion, and yet, hope.

At the same time, a young woman I used to mentor wrote a poem. In the poem, a beggar girl on the streets of England, stared longingly at the castle. She dreamed of being free and living there. The people around her told her to stop dreaming. She was born a beggar. She would die a beggar. Still she wondered what life would be like if she weren’t.

The poem was titled Beggar’s Daughter.

I asked her if I could use the name for my website because I was so touched by the emotion of her poem.

For me, it was a beautiful picture of the journey of women trapped in shame. They feel stuck and long to be free. They long to belong to something greater than where they are. Yet, the voices around them say this is where they belong and they can never get out. They are daughters of beggars, left wondering what life would be like if that identity could somehow change.

And it can.

My friend graciously agreed, and with that, was launched in April 2009.

My memoir, Beggar’s Daughter, followed in 2016.

Beggar’s Daughter is a ministry, of sorts, but not a 501(c)3. It is a platform to raise awareness and have frank conversations on the issues that Christian women face concerning sexuality. I am not a licensed counselor, just a voice with a story. There is a private Facebook community for female strugglers, but no formal programs offered.

The best way to support the mission of Beggar’s Daughter is to share the content on social media platforms. There are also affiliate links throughout the site. Shopping via these links provides me with a small commission that helps support the hosting and maintenance of the site. I do not accept donations.

If you would like to donate to a group dedicated to helping women, I recommend Whole Women Ministries, founded by my friend, Crystal (Renaud) Day. Donate here.

I am available to come speak to your church, school, or conference. Check out my speaking page. I also write around the web for various groups including: Focus on the Family, Boundless, The Grit and Grace Project, Lies Young Women Believe, CRU, and more.

For additional resources for women who struggle, check out the resource page.