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Why You Should Care About Triggers

It’s the holiday season, and in with the holiday season come holiday traditions.  One that comes to mind is watching Home Alone.  It’s a classic Christmas-time movie, funny, clean, and just an all-around good time (sorry if that offends anyone reading).

If you’ve never seen Home Alone, I’ll spare you a long drawn-out story line.  A kid accidentally gets left behind at home while his family goes to Paris (yes, France) for Christmas.  Unfortunately, a duo of robbers has targeted their neighborhood including the home where this boy is now Home Alone.  He catches on to the robbers’ plans and after a few successful attempts to get them to believe his family is still home, he is left to defend his home himself.

He rigs the house up to the nines.  Every possible entry way has some kind of trap- glass ornaments by the window, paint cans and a trip wire on the stairs, and a cringe-worthy nail on the basement steps (I have to look away every time).

This little boy has turned his house into a torture trap, and the robbers suffer much pain and damage.

(Do you see where I am going with this?)

When we think about triggers and why we need to find them, we need to really think of our minds and hearts like that house from Home Alone.  In this case, though, the tables are turned.  It is our house and the robber has gotten in and has rigged it to hurt us.

Our own body, heart, and mind have quite literally turned against us.  Your body craves porn but the moment and your mind justifies it, but the moment you are finished, your heart cries out “How could you!” and your mind says, “Yeah! How could you?”

That being the case, there is no ‘life as normal’ for us.  At least, not right now.  We have to ‘clear our house.’  We have to go through room by room watching for trip wires, hanging paint cans, and glass ornaments on the floor.

It’s an imperfect analogy to be sure.  Some of us will never be able to completely ‘clear the house’ of things that can trip us up.  The point is though, that we need to be watching for these triggers and traps.  We have to figure out where they are because then we can avoid them.

I am going to break these into four areas.

1.  Triggers against the Soul

2.  Triggers against the Heart

3.  Triggers against the Mind

4.  Triggers against your Strength

You may have guessed why I picked those four.  In the Bible, when Jesus tells us the first commandment, He says:

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind…” (Luke 10:27a, ESV)

If our first commandment is to love God in all of those areas, then it makes perfect sense for the devil to attack us in all of those areas.  I think it works the same for any sin.

If he can’t get your soul, he’ll go for your heart.  If he can’t get your heart, then he’ll go for your mind.  If he can’t go for your mind, then he’ll wear down on your strength.  Think of it as a room with four walls.  If your freedom is a room with four walls and one of those walls falls, then your freedom is in jeopardy.  Knowing your triggers helps you to keep those walls standing.


Part of the “Triggers” series.


One comment

  1. I read a devotion that really made me think about that verse about loving God. It said Heart: what motivates you, Soul: What identifies you, Mind: what consumes you. I think that also applies to what you were saying because we can let a label such as “porn addict” identify us, It also consumes us either with doing it or trying so hard NOT to do it and it can dictate all our actions. I need to be careful of triggers, and I have some of the “normal ones”, so in that sense it does dictate my actions but that wasn’t what I meant concerning the heart.