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Free Webinar: Women and Porn Addiction, A Christian Response

Next Wednesday, Covenant Eyes will be hosting a webinar on female porn addiction.  I am very excited to serve as a panelist for this event, speaking alongside other women and counselors on this issue of sexual brokenness. 

If you have been waiting to introduce someone to this topic, this is your chance.  Share the information with your pastor, youth pastor, college leadership, etc.  This is a great chance for them to get a glimpse into this issue and to help understand the gravity of its effect.  While you’re at it, sign up too!  I am sure you will be encouraged by what you hear.

Here is the link to Covenant Eyes’ post on the webinar:

It is next Wednesday, May 16 from 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm Eastern Time.  Here is the link to sign up!



  1. Will they be recording an audio podcast?

  2. I’d like to know the same thing as I won’t be home on the day of it airing …

  3. I do not know. I can see if I can use my computer to record it if they are not. I know it’s at an inconvenient time. That’s actually my fault. My availability for this week was horrible, so I will do what I can to see if I can make it right.

  4. It was recorded. I will let you know when the audio and notes are available.