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Traps to a Relapse: Off Focus

Read the following paragraph but do not think about the big brown bear:

My brother wants to hunt a big brown bear.  The big brown bear is dangerous.  The big brown bear could hurt someone.  The big brown bear has killed our pets.  We do not like the big brown bear.  We must kill the big brown bear.

How did you do?

While it may seem like reading a Dr. Seuss book, this exercise illustrates a point.  Thinking negatively about something still makes you think about it.  Not one of those statements puts the big brown bear in a positive light, but still, the big brown bear is all you are thinking of.

If I had handed you the book, “Green Eggs and Ham” and told you not to think about a big, brown bear, you would have finished the book and looked at me like I was nuts.  There is no big brown bear in “Green Eggs and Ham.”  Exactly.

Christ has set us free.  A degree of that freedom is simply found in our focus.  We can’t walk through life thinking, “I can’t fall to porn today.  I can’t masturbate today.  I fell yesterday.  Not today.  No impurity today.  No fantasy today.”  If we do that, what have we thought about all day?

Eventually, whether our thoughts are negative or not, our mind is spending time thinking about the bad things we aren’t supposed to be doing.  It’s like we are paranoid of our sin, walking around with a switchblade, can of pepper spray, purse pistol and shotgun.  We are always checking over our shoulder.  Is that life?  NO!

Is that the life Christ has freed us to live?  No.

When the Son sets us free, we are free indeed.

Does that mean we treat sin with no regard?  Absolutely not.  It means that yes, we arm ourselves with the power of the Cross and the Word of God but that we choose to live life.  When that sin rears its head, we will have the equipment to deal with it, but elsewise our focus should be on Christ.

Instead of walking through life thinking, “I shall not sin.”  Pick a Psalm or a portion of Scripture to meditate on.  Pick an attribute of God to think on throughout your day.  Don’t think about porn, masturbation, etc at all, even negatively.  Don’t worry about the last time you fell. Don’t circle it on your calendar.  God isn’t keeping track of that and neither should you.

WALK FREE because you ARE!


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  1. I so appreciate your blog, and I look forward to reading the remainder of your posts. I have struggled with many of the same issues you write about, and I finally let some light shine on it by exposing this to many friends and family (and the blog world!) almost 1 year ago. I was so surprised to realize how much the grip these things had on me lessened when they were brought out into the light. God has really been showing me that He wants to use this in my life to help others, and I can see that you are doing the same thing. Praise God for women like you who are obedient enough to step out and show others the freedom that is available for each one of us. 🙂