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Traps to a Relapse: Introduction

Women who struggle with pornography and lust often ask me, “What can I do to keep it from happening again?”

The scenarios are going to be different for different women, but all of us could, if we sit back, identify a couple triggers that lead us to fall.

For me personally, I know it is a horribly bad idea to have a laptop– at all.  I do all of my work from a desktop, but beyond that, I know it is bad for me to be on the computer and bored.  Those two are a dangerous combination.  If I am tired, sick or frustrated, then I am really in trouble.

It’s important for all of us to know our triggers. 

Yes, you have them.  We all have “danger zones.” You may not realize it, but you have them.  Whether you are currently struggling with pornography or are one of those women who just can’t seem to make it over that last hill, I hope you find encouragement in the “Traps to a Relapse” series as we look at some common traps that take us out.

Please share this series with your friends and with female leaders in your church.  Hopefully it will become a useful tool for you or for someone else to break free from the chains of lust.

Food for thought:  What is the biggest “danger zone” for you?