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Think Out

As we have walked through this series, there have been a lot of personal changes being made in our lives.  We have to know our boundaries and what temptations are the worst for us.

This week has been about others, about connecting to others, and starting yesterday you should have begun the process of rebuilding bridges likely burned down by pornography and lust.  Your ‘step’ for yesterday was to say, “I’m sorry.”

Today I want to challenge you to take it one step further.  You can apologize to a stranger and it does not make you best friends.  Apology is simply a recognition of wrongdoing or hurt feelings, it alone does not patch up a relationship.

Relationships take investment. That’s probably why most of us are no good at them.  People are just inconvenient, so we turn to pornography or we turn to our own little world of fantasy that we control, where everyone functions exactly the way we want.

Unfortunately, that’s not reality, and if we want to start walking in freedom, we have to do that in reality.  Imagining freedom does not make you free; it usually just makes you frustrated.

Your step for today is all about turning outward.  Pornography, masturbation, fantasy- those are all ways of coping with your problems, in your little world.  The world is bigger than your little world.



  • Pick one relationship from that list.  Perhaps the most important one (a spouse, a parent) and decide to be intentional about investing in that relationship.  Take some time today just to talk with that person about life.  Grab a coffee, go for a walk (if you aren’t caught in this blizzard), and just figure out what is going on in their life.  You already know what is going on in yours.
  • Begin praying for that person and that relationship.  It can be easy to get selfish when it comes to our prayer “God give me…”, “God, help me do…”, “God, why can’t I…”  Make sure to spend some part of your time praying for whatever is going on in that person’s life.  Start thinking outward.