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Traps to a Relapse: Think on These Things– True

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true…

As I drove to upstate New York today, I came across a radio station featuring Chip Ingram’s series, “Less Stress.”  His dynamic speaking style caught my attention.  It helped that he was talking about our thought lives.

Since I am getting ready to speak on this very topic in Canada, I turned the volume and listened.  And learned.  It hit me how our minds play such a pivotal role in this battle of purity.

Whatever is true.

This means that we shouldn’t be thinking on things that are contrary to reality.  This completely nixes fantasy, but also calls into question how we veiw ourselves.  Is it true for me to say, “I’m not worth anything” when the blood of Calvary says I’m worth dying for?  No!

The devil is the father of lies and he knows the power lies have on our life.  It’s the little lies we have to watch out for.  The little inconsistencies in our thinking.

How can you change your thinking and focus more on truth?