The Seed of Lust

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Everything in life starts with a seed.  Have you ever thought of that?  Plants, animals, people- we all start with seeds.  Now, obviously plant seeds and animal/people seeds are quite different, but the process is the same.

In the Bible there are many metaphors that liken people and the Gospel to seeds, harvests, wheat, trees, vines, and so on.

It got me thinking about the seed of pornography and lust in our lives.  What is it?  Where is it?  Because we all know any plant has to come from somewhere.  Where there is now a tree, there was once a seed.

Here’s some truths about seeds

Seeds come from the plant they will become

Strawberry seeds don’t come from tomatoes.  You won’t get maples sprouting up in a forest of oaks.  A tree produces seed after its kind.

In your life, what ‘trees’ are around you?  Are there bad trees nearby?  Bad trees (poor choices in friends, music, entertainment, etc) will inevitably drop bad seeds that could take root in the soil of your heart.  Take inventory of the ‘seed producers’ around you.  What are the sexual influences around you?  Are they good or bad?

Seeds don’t look like what they will become.

In fact, I can’t think of a single seed (with the seed of animals/people being the egg and sperm), that actually looks like what it is going to eventually be.  Take a strawberry seed for example.  Once you’ve picked it out of your teeth, you know it’s a strawberry seed, not because it looks like a strawberry but because you know it is a strawberry seed.

If I handed you a bowl of seeds from my garden, without some prior knowledge of gardening yourself, you wouldn’t be able to tell me what each seed is going to become.

The same is true with seeds of pornography and lust.  When they first show up in our lives, they may not look like pornography and lust.  They may be seemingly tiny, insignificant things that aren’t even R-rated, but they are seeds.  Perhaps it was discouragement, or discontentment.  Maybe it was a boyfriend breaking your heart or a video game you play that has quiet sexual overtones.


You won’t notice it until it’s growing

Maybe you’ve had this experience in the Spring.  The little ‘helicopters’ from a nearby maple tree lodged themselves in the cracks of your sidewalk.  As the weather warms, these little guys start sprouting.  Before you know it, that little seed you walked by for days, has turned into a little itty bitty tree.  It is now beginning to look like its future self, and is more noticeable.

Many people who struggle with porn and lust don’t realize the struggle in its early, underground, germination stage.  However, eventually, it will break the surface and start to look like a smaller version of what it is to become.

As the plant grows, the seed disappears

If you pull up that little itty bitty maple tree when you first see it sprout, you might find the roots still tucked away in the shell of the seed.  Wait a little longer, though, and what you’ll find when you pull it up is all roots.  The casing that held the seed is now gone.

For many of us, we can spend a lot of time searching for the seed, but the seed doesn’t tell us anything any more.  Now, all we need to know is captured in the sprout.  The seed has served its purpose in creating and is now done.

We’ll continue this thought on Friday, but for now, take a moment to survey the ‘ground’ of your life.  Are there ‘bad’ trees nearby that may be dropping bad seeds onto the soil of your heart?  Do you see seeds that perhaps you aren’t sure what they will become?  Are you keeping a watchful eye on them?  Do you see any little sprouts that resemble bad trees?  Maybe you find yourself starting to laugh at the dirty jokes.  Maybe you find yourself growing apathetic toward Christ.

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Photo: Neal. / Foter / CC BY

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  1. Beautifully put. It always starts somewhere. To notice what is around us. Ask for assistance with this from God and our Angels. When we then surround ourselves with good people, good music, and good entertainment, we will have fertile soil to let Seeds of Faith, hope, and charity grow. Those that have planted the seeds of lust sometimes didn’t even have a choice. From rape and molestation. That is when the atonement steps in and allows us to know God, know Christ and find that fertile healing soil. Thank you for your article.