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Walking the Path: The Relieved Survivor

Yes, we are still trudging along the path.  As we transition fully into our victory our feet are planted firmly in reality.  What happens next is like a scene straight from an action movie.

We have escaped the chaos of our sin.  We’ve stumbled and tripped our way through the exploding rubble and have emerged into daylight.  As the world crumbles around us, we find ourselves safe.  Finally, we have victory.  We have our focus.  We are done with all of that.  We are moving on with life.

Then.  BAM.

We make that mistake that many others have made before us.

We pull a Lot’s wife and turn around and look.

Phew!  Glad that’s over, we think.

Here’s the catch.  It isn’t over; it’s never “over.”  Can you overcome your addiction?  Certainly.  Can you walk in freedom?  Absolutely.  Can you live the full and abundant life Jesus promised?  Yes.

But never forget who is hunting you.

This stage doesn’t last long.  In fact, I hesitate to even call it a stage.  It is a moment.  A thought.  One we quickly outgrow because if we don’t, we get eaten.  Still, it is a thought we can return back to time and time again.  It is the moment we look back and wonder if we can get closer, because, after all, we are coming from the victory side this time.

How does it flesh out?

This is the moment you go to that party and feel its OK because you ‘don’t struggle’ anymore.

This is the moment you decide to hang out with the guys because you ‘are better now.’

This is the moment you send one flirtatious look his way because you ‘aren’t that kind of girl.’

This is the moment you read the Christian sex guides because you ‘are rebuilding your view of sex.’

This is the moment we get this bogus idea to go look at pornography again just to prove that it is our choice; that we have control and can say no.

This is the moment the devil throws his last desperate lie your way:  You will never fall again.

Believe him, and you fall.  If you don’t believe him, you run.  Either way, you won’t stay here long.

This is a tricky little place.  Yes, you are free, but you can never be foolish by playing with your weakness.  You are not invincible, my friend, and the devil knows that full well.  This is his attempt to get you to hold still long enough so he can suck you back in.

Don’t let him.  Run.  Run to grace and keep on running.



  1. so very true! i love love love your blog. such a blessing to me!

  2. This is so true! Great follow-up. I really need to learn how to live in victory in this life.

  3. So true. We must always realize that we in ourselves are weak, and any victory over sin comes from Him, not from our own strength. We must always lean on Him to get that strength.