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The New Feminism


… film’s stars were excited to embrace the trend that finally shows women can be just as raunchy as men…

That’s a quote from an article I came across recently, slamming the ‘right wing extreme’ groups for slamming ‘icons’ like Miley Cyrus, Kirsten Dunn, and Lizzy Caplan for being raunchy… and proud of it.

While it isn’t normally my style to harp on current events and entertainment issues, there is no way I can overlook the idea being heralded here.  It’s a new-age feminism that women can be just as raunchy as men.  When did that become a goal?

How did we decline from the era of feminine mystique to the point that we will fight and defend our “right” to be “one of the guys?”

The whole thing came up because Ms. Cyrus has pictures of her at her boyfriend’s birthday party, with an essentially pornographic birthday cake.  There are a few things I can say about this.

1)  No man of quality will have a pornographic birthday cake.

2)  No woman who values her own self would date such a man.

3)  No woman who has any self-respect would pretend to have oral sex with said cake.

It’s disgusting, really, and we have every right to be upset with a former Disney superstar, role model to countless (and I mean countless) young women, turning around and acting like a porn star in her off-time.  Some role model.

But this is the new femininity we are being called to embrace.  This is the society we are living in, and the society our teenage girls are growing up in!

Gone are the days of decency and decorum.  Now, we stand on our soap box of women’s rights claiming our ‘right’ to all of the filth that men once laid claim to.

 Why are we pursuing, and proud of securing, lower standards?

Why are women demanding female-oriented pornography?  (After all, why should guys get all the sexual pleasure– that isn’t fair!)

Why are women dressing like hookers and then crying foul when men look at them like hookers?  (They have a right to wear whatever they want to wear and men just need to get over themselves)

Why are women participating in entertainment that purposefully devalues them and turning around and claiming they are proud of that?

How can you be proud of losing your dignity? 

You can’t!  I know, because I have been there, and at the end of the day you don’t have happy thoughts.  At the end of that day, you don’t look back and say, “I am so proud of myself.  I have accomplished so much today.”  You may look back and say, “I had a blast” but when the guilt hangover hits you in the morning, you’ll feel like you were blasted.  You will feel empty, hollow, worthless.  You can be famous and rich and it will not matter if you are selling yourself like a cheap corner floozie.

I would say “enough is enough” because enough is enough, but my itty bitty little blog is not going to do anything against the mega-fortress of Hollywood.  Still, it’s sad that the gate to death has opened up so wide and is inching ever closer to us.  It is in our face.  We live in a society that praises sex, and looks at you like you’re from Mars if you don’t.

We wondered where all of the good guys went, and then, instead of turning around and being quality women they had to work for, we fought to be just like them.

I dare say pornography is the new feminism.  Give it a couple years and this won’t be a secret sin, it will be an epidemic, and then we’re all in trouble.


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  1. I dare say it already is an epidemic–especially in the church. In Sheila Gregoire’s (of To Love, Honor, and Vacuum) recent article “Should We Really Wait for Marriage to Make Love?” she points out: “Even those in the church don’t really wait. In the survey I did for my research for my new book, The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, I found that only 37% of Christian women actually did wait until their wedding night.”

    Time is running out really fast, and we must speak biblical truth to these issues not just online, but everywhere we can. By God’s grace, I plan to be doing that within the next month where I work.