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Lust and Sex: Good or Best

Sex is good.  That is perhaps one of the sentences we do not speak enough in the context of the church.  Sex. is. good.

But when our twisted humanity gets a hold of our sex drive, we don’t have sex as God intended.  We have lust, and lust is bad.

The problem is: lust feels good.

If lust did not feel good, the pornography industry would not be an industry.  If lust did not feel good, we would not be where we are.  No one gets wrapped up in pornography because they hate it.  They may hate it because they are wrapped up in it.  No one struggles with a strong fantasy life because it makes them feel horrible.

Avoiding the Post-Thanksgiving Porn Crash

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which is great.  It’s the next day that I am worried about.


It always seemed to me that after really great days, came even greater failures.

Thanksgiving can embody everything we want for ourselves as women.  On Thanksgiving, we are the cook that shames Top Chef.  We are laughing and spending time with family.  We are focusing on gratefulness, swimming in our blessings.  We are praising God for His provision, and eating until we can’t breathe.  We are connecting with people around us, enjoying time with people, and away from the stresses of work, school, and life.  It is like a day off life to celebrate life.

It is also the perfect recipe for a truly “black” Friday spent wallowing in a pit of our own self-pity and indulging in pornography.

Why Friday could be dangerous