Purity & Freedom

Stick With It

How are you doing so far?

Day 3 is always the hardest for me in any change- fasting, Bible reading, prayer, exercise, writing, you name it.  It’s the day that all of my inspiration is gone and I am faced with the cold hard reality of the work ahead of me.  This is not going to fast and it is not going to be easy.  “The honeymoon is over.”

This the day that I’m tempted to say, “Nope!  Not worth it.  This is stupid” and go right back to what I was doing before I ever got the crazy idea to change.  Perhaps day 3 is that day for you, or maybe it’s day 5, or 10.

Please remember why you are doing this.  Think back to that woman you want to become, that character and calling you are working toward.  That doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen spontaneously.  Change hurts and it takes dedication and perseverance.

The next couple days might be hard for you.  They might be difficult physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  You may get tired of fighting off lustful thoughts, or frustrated with the desires of your body.  Hang in there.  Stick with it.

It gets easier, I promise.  And when you feel like you ‘just can’t’ anymore, I want you to remember this one thing:

You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. (Philippians 4:13, paraphrased)

Don’t rely on your own strength. Tap into His.



  • Still have those alarms?  Good, now add one more (for a total of three).  Today when they go off, as well as reading Romans 6:11-13, take two minutes just to pray: be honest about the temptations you are facing right now and call out for His strength.
  • Implement your first ‘roadblock.’  Pick the most drastic one first.  That might be boxing up all of your romance novels and sticking them in the trunk of your car or throwing out any toys you have.  Don’t ease yourself into this part.  Don’t look at it like weaning.  Look at it like a radical amputation.  Move the computer.  Throw away the magazines.  Whatever is going to make the most difference, do that first.