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Stats on Teens and Pornography

I recently found this collection of statistics, compiled by my friends over at Covenant Eyes.

I think the most telling statistic is the last one.

 Only 17% of girls say they have never seen internet pornography.

If you want a breakdown, seat ten girls in a row, side by side.  If you are lucky, two of them have “virgin eyes.”  Only two.  Ten years ago, when a Christian magazine polled their readers, 20% of the women admitted to viewing internet pornography.  The stats in this chart are already four years old.

Share this with your youth leaders, college deans, etc.  We have to stop this cancer from spreading.



  1. If the chilling truth in these statistics don’t wake us up, nothing will.

  2. I have to add this link, as it illustrates the frightening state our nation is in regarding pornography:

  3. Has anyone done stats on teenage girls and women in regards to erotic fiction and sex chatting or texting? I’m sure erotic fiction would have a much higher percentage of women using it, and while it doesn’t involve actual people, it’s still just as enslaving and is part of the slippery slope of lust.

    1. Pamela,

      Erotica fiction- no, and I agree. If we did a survey on lust sins- erotica, fantasy, masturbation, there would be more.

      Sex chatting and sexting (sex-texting) yes. About two years ago, I think, there was a huge uproar about sexting. It hit major news channels all at the same time. There had been a couple sexting-related suicides so it caught national media attention. A study was done in the middle of that. I have the hardcopy. I will find the link and post it on here. The frenzy has since died down, but it definitely does not mean the problem has not gone away!