Spring Cleaning: Catching You Up on All the Series

My ‘regular’ readers will know that I took February and March off to work on the site and to just take a bit of a breather.  February was filled with a lot of growth and working diligently on connecting within community.  March was spent building up the site to what you see now.  It was my intent to provide a more all-inclusive experience to connect you to resources and help answer questions while making it easier to manage on my end.

As I am sure you have noticed, I have been a little slow on the restart.  I apologize.  I hope to one day share the story of what is distracting my time right now, besides planning for my upcoming trip.  I want to get back into the swing of things including picking up the three series I left hanging.

Yes, that is right.  I left in the middle of three unfinished series.  So, let us take a bit to recap.

Practical Steps in Freedom

This daily series started in January and was a 28-day walk-through of different steps we can take in our journey of freedom.  You can find all of those posts here.  We stopped partway through Week 4 (Looking ahead) and will be picking up beginning tomorrow.

Accountability 101

This series began last year.  So many of you write with questions about accountability.  How does it work? What does it look like? How do you start it? Who do you choose to tell?  I wanted to try and answer those in a comprehensive series of posts by myself and a couple guests.  Read the introduction and then check out the rest of this series so far.


Questions about triggers hit the top of my e-mail list quite frequently.  Why is it that we can be walking in freedom one day and then crippled by failure the next?  How can we avoid these  episodes?  What are some steps?   This series began last year. You can read it here.

Another series I am involved in is the Gatekeeper Series on Growing up Triplets.

Thank you again for your patience as I try to ‘get back on the horse.’  I look forward to starting these again.

If you have an idea for a post or series, please let me know!