Sinful Creativity: Splat

So many of us have sung the song, “The foolish man built his house upon the sand, the foolish man built his house upon the sand… and the rains came down and the floods came up… and the house on the sand went


It’s really cute… until you are the foolish man whose house goes splat.  Have you ever stopped, though, to think about what exactly the house is?  Obviously, it isn’t an actual house, as in 4 walls and a roof.  The ‘house’ in these verses is symbolic of our lives.

If we build up our existence on the temporary (or even the nonexistent) we will get wiped out. 

If you’ve been wrapped up in pornography, lust, fantasy, or masturbation for any amount of time, you know this to be true.  You build your entire life around this world.  You hinge your self-worth on it.  Yes, you do your best to paint it over, but at best, your house is a fixer-upper with a non-existent foundation.  The first time life rears its ugly head, splat.  Then, what do we do, in all of our intelligence? We dig deeper in the sand and build again.

No matter how deep we dig into the sand, the fact is, we are still building in sand.

I heard a beautiful take on this parable as I was out driving around the other day.  The man being interviewed was a pastor and he said something I never considered before.  He said,

“We say the wise man is wise because he built his house on the rock.  But that’s not why he was wise.  Look at the verses.  Notice that the foolish man built and the storm came.  The wise man built and the storm came.  The foolish man built thinking that storms would never come.  The wise man built on the rock because he knew storms would come.  That is why he was wise.”


Can you see the importance of keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground?  Storms are going to come and you cannot escape them, no matter where you build your house.  In the times when life is overwhelming, the only foundation that will stand is the foundation of Christ Himself.  How do we build there?

We build on the foundation of His promises.

That is why I ended the last post with two promises from God’s word.  They, along with many others, comprise the foundation on which we are to build our lives.

The first is for when temptation comes (see?  There it is again– we are not immune.  Temptation will come).  We can rest assured that, first off, this temptation is not uncommon.  You are not the only person in the world to struggle with whatever you are struggling with.  Second, we know that God is faithful.  He sticks with His promises.  Third, He promises to not let you be tempted above what you are able to endure.  That means, you can say no!  If you feel like you cannot, or that it is too much, you need to make sure you are listening to Him (not you).  Finally, He promises to provide a way for us to get out.  He promises to give that to us.  We do not have to build our own.

The second is a promise of life.  Christ’s purpose in coming to earth was not to save your rotten soul from Hell.  Was that part of it?  Surely.  However, He says in that verse that He came that we might have life, and not just life, but abundant life.  Again, that is something that He gives to us.  We cannot cook it up on our own.

Do you see how much this doesn’t have to do with us? 

That’s why, when we build our lives on this firm foundation, we can rest assured that it will stand.