Purity & Freedom

Share Your Story

Do Not Panic.

I am not telling you to go out right this moment, grab a microphone and announce your struggle for the entire world.  This is a step that will take time to reach, but this should be your goal.

But wait, Jessica, I thought freedom was my goal.

Let me explain.

 I truly believe that the surest step in freedom is owning your own story.

If you can get to the point where you can own it.  Where you can look back across it, see your brokenness and communicate God’s grace, you, my friend have found freedom.

If you can see it through His eyes and allow Him to use all of that ugly mess for His matchless glory- that is real freedom.  You are not running from it.  You are not afraid of it.  You are not chained by it.  God is glorified in it.

It does not get more free than that.

I liken it to when I was teaching math.  For those of you who do not know, I was a math teacher for five years.  I could stand up at the front and teach binomials and proofs until the cows came home (that is an American midwestern idiom I do not even know how to translate).  I could draw, use object lessons, make my students repeat, and I would ask them, “Do you understand?”  They would nod, shrug, sigh, yawn… whatever they fancied that day.

The next question: “Great, now teach me.”

Their eyes would bug out and hands would immediately shoot in the air.  Amazing how much they did not understand once they had to tell me how to do it. Amazing how confident they were once they mastered being able to teach.

Discipleship is key within the body of Christ, but it is not a task reserved for the pastor’s wife or the Christian elite.  It is a call to each of us- a call to share how God can and does work in our lives.  This is your story, and as much as you may not like it, you cannot change what has already happened.  You can certainly influence how it is used though.

Make it your goal to share it.  Even if you start anonymously, you will grow through the experience as you reflect on your own journey and how God has brought you through.

The greatest calling of freedom is for the freed captives to go back and help other captives be free.



  • Write out your story so far.  You don’t need to share it with anyone, but make it a habit to remember and reflect on your journey.
  • Begin praying for wisdom in how to share your story. Maybe an anonymous blog or twitter account.  Maybe just in a small group at church or a special devotional at camp.  Your options are endless.

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