Seeds of Lust: Rip It Up

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We’re continuing this little side-study of the seeds of lust.  In the first post, we talked about some of the characteristics of seeds.

Seeds come from the plant they will become.
Seeds do not look like the plant they will become.
You won’t notice a plant until it has already started growing.
As the plant grows, the seed itself disappears.

In the second post, we talked about some of the characteristics of the plant.

As a plant grows it sends out roots in all directions
It continues to grow through nourishment
The longer it grows, the stronger it gets
Eventually, it will bring forth fruit


We’re going to keep going by talking about how to get rid of these plants in our lives.

Here are some ‘pointers’ for getting rid of the plants of lust.

Pull it up by the roots

When I was little, helping my grandfather weed his garden, he used to tell me, “Jessica, when you pull a weed, make sure you get the roots.  If you don’t get the roots, it can grow back.”  I would try my hardest but sometimes all I ended up doing was ripping the leaves off the thistle or breaking the top off a dandelion.

Sure enough, within days, that darn plant would be back, mocking me.  That’s when Grampa would grab the garden spade, and dig the plant up by its roots.  That ended that.

We, unfortunately, can have a ‘just pop the head off’ approach to lust.  We don’t want to actually deal with the struggle, we just don’t want it to be obvious.  We don’t want people to be able to tell we struggle, so we try to quickly deal with it.  We just nip the top off- we throw the computer out the window, install software, burn the romance novels.  We don’t want to deal with it; we just want it to go away.

Years ago, when I was really struggling with addiction to pornography, I would print off pictures for the express purpose of lighting them on fire.  I wasn’t interested in dealing with all the effects of pornography on my life and heart, I just wanted it to go away.  Instead, every time I tried to make it go away, it came back stronger, and bigger.

You have to get the roots.

Remember, the roots don’t go straight down.  Roots spread out in all directions- up, down, left, and right.  They get tangled up with other roots and roots themselves can have roots.  The roots of lust aren’t necessarily the source of lust, we’ll talk about that in a minute.  The roots of lust are the areas in your life where lust is currently affecting you.

Maybe your addiction has led to anger- lust affects your emotions.  Maybe your addiction has crippled your walk with God- lust affects your faith.  You have to try and find all those roots and pull them up.

That may seem overwhelming, and it can be, so just start with what you know.  There are going to be obvious places in your life where lust has affected you and where you have a circular pattern in place for regrowth.

 [Tweet “Think about it: if struggling with lust makes you angry, but then anger leads to you to lust, you have to rip up that root of anger or else the lust is just going to grow back.”]

Work the soil

Did you know that, even if you don’t pull up a plant’s root, if you hack that remaining root apart by turning up the soil or kill it by treating the soil, that it won’t grow back?  It’s a 1-2 punch.  You pull up the plant with as many roots as you can, but then you also have to work the ground.

So your struggle is tied with your anger.  You install a software on your computer (great) and join a support group.  Yay!  Now, you’ve got this anger thing to work with, and maybe you can’t quite grab that root and rip it up, but you certainly can make its life miserable.  Work purposely on overhauling your emotions.  Focus on that.  Work up that ground and work on keeping your emotions in check.  Break that cycle of regrowth in any way possible!

We’ll continue this, but for now:

Think about the different areas lust has affected in your life.  What are some ways you can work that soil and prevent regrowth?

Photo: Neal. / Foter / CC BY

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  1. Thank you Jessica…. the other day I slipped up and I feel so down. Now I know to find out the roots of this problem and destroy it.