Seed of Lust: Getting the Roots

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We’re continuing to compare our struggle with lust to a plant, it starts with a seed.  As we discussed in the previous post:

Seeds come from the plant they will become.
Seeds do not look like the plant they will become.
You won’t notice a plant until it has already started growing.
As the plant grows, the seed itself disappears.


So many times we focus on the seed, searching for it, figuring out why it is there or how it got there.  That is important, and we’ll talk about that later, but I want to point out a few more truths about the seeds/plants of lust in our lives.

As a plan grows it sends out roots in all directions

Maybe you’ve seen this when a tree blows over or when you pull weeds.  A plant’s root system can continue on for inches (even feet or yards!) in all directions.  It doesn’t just stay where the seed was planted, it reaches out, not only for nutrients but also for security.  The trees that blow over are those with shallow root systems.  The long-standing trees have deep, strong, spread out roots.

The same can be said for an addiction to pornography.  It does not just affect that one little area where the seed was planted.  It stretches out in every direction, reaching for new soil to draw its life from, and pushing down deeper to take hold.

It continues to grow through nourishment

Few plants can grow in shallow soil, or in areas where there is no sun or water.  Typically, plants need a source of nourishment of some sort.

If you have found a plant of lust in your life, and find that it is still growing, figure out where it is getting its nourishment from.  It’s ‘eating’ somehow.

The longer it grows, the stronger it gets

It is easy to rip up a sprout- roots and all.  You can unearth a sapling with a spade.  Try ripping up a California Redwood.  As plants are permitted to grow, they grow larger and stronger.  They are harder to starve and kill.

If there is an issue of lust in your life, the longer it goes unchecked, the stronger it will become.  It won’t be impossible to overcome, but it will certainly be harder.  Take action, rip this problem up while it is still young.  The longer you wait, the harder it will be.

Eventually, it will bring forth fruit

The natural end of plants is to create fruit, not fruit like the food group, but to create more seeds, more offspring- fruit.  This ‘fruit’ is usually evidenced on the outside of the plant.  You know a tree is a peach tree because it grows peaches!  Inside that peach is a seed, and the process starts all over again.

[Tweet “The life of a lust addict will, eventually bring forth fruit. This is a Biblical truth. Fact of the matter is that if there is a bad tree in our heart, there will eventually be a manifestation of bad fruit.”]

It may be that you act out your sexual desires.  It may be that you make the transition from soft-core porn to hard-core.  It may be that you start sending pictures of yourself.  It may manifest itself in a number of ways, but the fact is, it will manifest.

We’re going to talk about how to rip up these plants on Monday, but for now:

Prayerfully ask God to show you areas of your life affected by the roots.  Keep an eye on your activities and attitudes.  Is there anything that could be feeding the roots?  Figure out how ‘strong’ the roots are and identify the fruit in your life.  Take some time this weekend to reflect on the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5.

Photo: Neal. / Foter / CC BY