Purity & Freedom

Search For Truth

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Lies are the biggest enemy of our freedom.  Often our worst enemy is ourselves.  Our minds can be filled with negative thoughts and lies about so many things from our worth to our body to our ability to be strong.  These undermine our own walk in freedom.

The best way to fight a lie is with truth.

We see this in the story of how Jesus handled the devil’s temptation in the wilderness.  His spiritual exercise had brought on a physical weakness and the strength that Jesus turned to was the truth of Scripture.

A week and a half into this, you might feel physically or emotionally weak.  You might feel like you have reached the end of your strength.  When the temptation comes now, it can be hard to stand.  You might start to say, “You know, I probably can’t keep going.  I am not strong enough to do this.  I will never be able to get out of this.”

We believe the lies of our brokenness before we choose to believe the hope of truth.

I want you, in your journey, to learn to challenge those little thoughts.  Remember, in Corinthians, we are told to take every thought captive to Christ.  That means not just the lustful or pornographic thoughts, but every thought from the negative “I can’t do this” to the positive “I can do this on my own.”

Every thought we have needs to be measured by the standard of truth- the truth of who God is and who we are in Him.

Your time of devotions and investment in your faith is not simply checking off another requirement on the list or filling in the blank on another page of the study.  This is about a search for truth.



  • Roadblock check!  Are they still in place?  How are they working? Is there something that might need to be changed to make it more effective?
  • Don’t forget to set aside that time today (the time that works for you) to spend some time growing your faith.
  • Search for truth:  As you read your Bible and/or the book you have chosen, write down truths you discover that apply to lies you have been believing in your life.