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I want to encourage you to invite your pastors, counselors you may know, friends, parents, really anyone to this summit. It’s not just for women. It’s for women and the people who can help them. We’re tackling the topic of porn use among Christian women, talking about how to find hope, healing, and freedom and how to help equip the church to effectively minister.

There’s some letters for invitation below. Simply copy and paste the one you would like to use and send it out. If the link doesn’t copy over, use this link here:

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PS: The summit will be supplemented by panel discussions and Q & A’s on Facebook Live. So, please join us!

 Invitation for Pastor

Dear {insert name},

I recently came across information about an online conference being held in October. It’s a Christian conference addressing the issue of pornography among women in the church. Here’s a message from one of the speakers. I really think it would be beneficial for the pastoral team of our church to tune-in.


My name is Jessica Harris and for the past 11 years, I’ve managed the blog It started when I shared my story about being a Christian girl who struggled with pornography. To give context, I was exposed to pornography in 1999 at the age of 13. Over 20 years later, this is still a topic that isn’t discussed much in churches, and I’ve seen that silence do unspeakable damage to Christian women who struggle.

Take for instance the pastor’s wife who struggles with pornography to the point she can’t be intimate with her husband without it. She’s afraid to tell anyone, even him, and the shame is eating her up.

Or the 15 year old pastor’s daughter who recently found pornography and is so overcome by shame that she has considered killing herself. For her, ending her life seems a more desirable outcome than telling someone.

These are just two of the stories I’ve read and heard over the years. Stories from women within the walls of our churches who struggle with something so intimate, burdened by the shame caused by silence.

Porn is not a man’s issue. Women don’t just struggle with romance novels. Christian women can and do become addicted to hardcore pornography and its use is far more prevalent than most realize. A couple years ago, I had a church reach out to me because they had conducted a survey of their youth group girls and 100% of their 9th and 10th grade girls admitted to struggling with pornography.

If this is not something your church is talking about, it needs to be. Please, join us for the S.H.E. Summit, hosted by Living on Purpose in partnership with Covenant Eyes. There, you will hear stories of women who struggle as well as find tools for how to reach them and help them find freedom. It is free to attend live. You can register here.

It is our desire to see the silence broken in the church and to see women walk in freedom. We know you share that same desire. If we’re silent about the struggle, we’re silent about grace.


Jessica Harris

Beggar’s Daughter

Generic Email

Support. Heal. Empower. That’s the resonating message of the SHE Virtual Recovery Summit coming October 5-9, 2020.

This first of its kind event is for WOMEN who struggle with pornography or other unwanted sexual behaviors presented by Living on Purpose and Covenant Eyes. Yes, that’s right, for women! Over 5 days, 30+ women will share their stories, their expertise, and their hope for meaningful recovery.

This 5-day virtual summit will consist of daily pre-recorded sessions, plus daily live expert discussion panels and Facebook Live events. These unique live events will give you the opportunity to ask the experts your own questions and engage in a deeper dialogue on these issues. Daily meet-up events will also take place to give women who struggle the ability to connect with other women in the hope of establishing accountability. This summit is also a unique opportunity for pastors, ministry leaders, and counselors to engage in these issues, including special Q&A and dialogue opportunities.

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