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Does anyone else feel increasingly disconnected in a connected world?  I got  smart phone a few months ago now, and after a while, I deleted nearly all of my apps.  I feel like the more stuff I am connected to, the less connected I actually am.

I am not alone.  There has been a rise of awareness recently that all of our ‘connections’ leave us relatively disconnected from the people around us.

How many times have you seen a couple on a date and,in mid-conversation, one of them stops to check their cell phone.  I admit, I have even done that, and I’ve walked back from the bathroom during a date to find my date doing that.

We have lost the art of being with people.

It is much easier to retreat to social media where I can ‘catch up on life’ and not actually have to invest anything into the relationship.  It’s sanctioned stalking.

Whether your struggle is pornography, lust or fantasy, your online social life poses an increased risk for you.  It flirts with the temptation to just open another window and ‘multi-task’ not only on your computer but in your mind.

Online is not reality, and while I see nothing wrong with checking e-mails or chatting with friends (emphasis on the friends, as in people you know in real life), or writing on Facebook walls, I do see a problem with living there.

If you find yourself attached to technology and under the delusion that this is somehow staying ‘connected,’ let this be your intervention.  You need real, tangible people, and need to take steps to connect with real people.



  • I challenge you to no Facebook/Twitter/Chat rooms, etc.  Find the ‘real human’ alternative.  Instead of chatting, maybe you could give someone a call.  Instead of Twitter, maybe write someone a letter.  The best way to see how much of a hold something has on you is to stop doing it.  If real relationships don’t trump online ones in your mind, then it might be time for a ‘social media fast.’