Lust & FantasyPurity & Freedom

Practicing the Presence

As we have worked through the second week of this series, it’s been all about strengthening our faith.  We build the boundaries we need to make falling inconvenient and then we set out on the journey of healing and freedom.  At this point you should have five road blocks in place and should be making small investments of time in your faith.

Ultimately, though, freedom is not something you do- it is not summed up by little moments of prayer throughout the day or by a certain number of days without falling.  Freedom is how you live- in every moment.  It’s those decisions in every moment that make the difference.

Right now, it is likely that you are living every moment in the presence of lust.  It’s something that consumed your heart and thoughts.  You make plans for it.  You crave it.  You long for it.

I can remember a time in my life when it was hard for me to even interact with the ‘real world.’  I was so consumed by a life of fantasy that even something as normal, basic, and every day as vacuuming required me to make it into some kind of fantasy.  I was living in the presence of lust.

Every moment, I was aware of my desires, and they quite frankly drove me crazy.  It’s like that kid in the grocery store whining to his clearly exhausted, stressed out and overworked mother.  He ends up getting his way.  That’s how lust was for me, and that’s how it can be for you.

Even while striving for freedom, you can live in the presence of lust.  When you are more aware of lust’s presence in your life than you are of God’s, you are living in the presence of lust.  The journey of freedom is not achieved by meeting certain checkpoints, instead, it is a culmination of moments.

Moments in which you decide to recognize God instead of lust.  Moments when you decide to practice His presence.  A life of freedom is simply (and yet not so simply) that:  A life spent in His presence.



  • Instead of alarms, try a reminder.  Think of a truth about God- an attribute, a name, something He promises, and write that in a place you will see frequently today.  Maybe a sticky note inside your locker.  Perhaps write it at the top of your Dayplanner (do people still use those?).  Me? My favorite thing is “Jehovah.”  It just invokes a sense of awe, majesty and peace for me.  So, occasionally, when I feel really distracted by life, I write it on the inside of my left wrist.
  • Fill your mind with Him.  Look through your stash of entertainment- music, movies, favorite TV shows.  Replace things that push your toward lust with things that push you toward Him.  Not saying that you have to watch Christian movies all the time, but you should be willing to let go of anything that is a weakness for you or that distracts you from His presence.