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Never Be Content

We’re finishing up week 2 of this series a week focused on strengthening our faith, focusing on the truth of grace, and looking up.  For the final day of this week, I want to encourage you to be something that you might not hear often.

We hear so much about contentment.  Single Christian women especially get hit with ‘just be content’ often.  While it is great in principle, we often fail to apply it properly to practice.  We think that it means to just sit on our rumps right where are and be happy with our two chapters of Bible reading and five minutes of prayer a day.  Content, all too often, is interpreted as ‘complacent.’

We are not to be complacent.  We are called to be world-changers, difference-makers, defenders, and warriors.  There will never be a point where we’ve gone far enough or where we are so free that we can’t keep growing.

There is no limit on your freedom.  There is no limit on your faith.  Let that be exciting to you.  Don’t beat yourself over the head with it; explore it.  If you are faced with a glorious mountain range filled with waterfalls and caves, do you climb one mountain and say, “Oh, I’ve seen it all”?  No.  You climb one mountain, take in its beauty and then make plans to explore the next one, because it is exciting.

Don’t be content in your faith.  Don’t be complacent.  Always be looking for ways to grow, ways to walk in freedom.  Always be looking for that next mountain to climb.  This is not a punishment; it is an adventure.  Embrace it in its fullness and never be content.



  • How has this week been for you?  This week of strengthening your faith.  Take some time to think about some areas where you already see change.  Be encouraged!  Don’t see any yet?  That’s OK!  Stay with it.
  • Stay on plan with your prayer, Bible reading, and ‘extra’ reading.  Make any adjustments you need to to give yourself more time.  (We can always grow).
  • Think about that next mountain.  Yes, your battle with porn/lust and your faith are big deals in your life right now.  They are the mountain you are climbing at the moment, but what do you think is next?  What do you want to be next?  Look forward to conquering that one as well!  (We’ll talk more about looking forward in week 4.