Purity & Freedom

Maintenance vs. Momentum

 Let me tell you what usually happens to me when it comes to this whole balance of fighting lust and investing in growth.  I set out with great ambition.  I lay out my plan, and for the first few days, I stick with it.  It feels good, doesn’t it?  It feels great!

Life makes sense.  Everything is working out.  I’m full of joy and energy and feel so free!  Then what happens?

Well, it’s like I give up.  Not in a despairing, “I can’t do this” way, but in a “woohoo!  Look mom!  No hands!” way.  I just make stupid choices.  They aren’t necessarily bad.  They’re just stupid.  I manage my time poorly.  I neglect my devotions because I had a great day yesterday.

Here’s what I have learned:  

You cannot expect the momentum of a good yesterday to carry you through today.

Imagine you are in a hot air balloon.  A hot air balloon stays in the air because the air inside the balloon is hotter than the air outside (warm air rises).  How does that air stay hot?  Well, the pilot of the hot air balloon keeps heating it up.

What would happen if that pilot left his post and decided to start peering over the edge?  Gradually, that balloon will begin to sink. Then, he’ll have to run back and open the heat full throttle to raise the balloon back up!

That’s how it is with us.  We hit these spiritual high points and we just love the view and life is doing great!  We forget that staying there requires maintenance.  We slack off just a little, and then suddenly, we find ourselves sinking.  Then we panic, and go all out again.

Up. Down. Up. Down.

There is no such thing as spiritual momentum.  Roller coasters run on momentum.  Without daily maintenance, that is exactly what your spiritual life will feel like.



  • Maintenance Check:  Has this been a journey of ups and downs for you?  Look back over the steps you have taken in the past 12 days.  Are there any that you are letting slide?  What can you do to make them easier to remember?
  • Find your focus:  Take some time today to think about your life purpose.  Think forward to the end goal.  What do you think God wants for you?  Where do you see yourself in a year, five years, ten years?  What are some goals you have?  Leave pornography out of it (ie. “Being free from porn” does not belong on this list).  What steps can you take today to make that happen?


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