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Lust and Lies

Everyday, it seems, I am introduced to more young women swimming in the lies I once (and sometimes once again) found myself in.  My own struggle coupled with watching theirs has led me to understand something.

I thought I was alone…

As women, our biggest struggle is not lust but the lies we believe about lust.  Find a woman struggling with pornography, masturbation, sex, any lust-sin and see if the first thing out of her mouth isn’t, “I thought I was alone.”  That’s what we all say because that’s what we all believe.  It’s that lie that traps us initially and that lie breeds hundreds of other lies, forming a chain link fence connecting us to and locking us into our sin.  Cut one link, just one little link, and it loses its grip.  Which is probably why Satan is so busy building up a chain link fence of lies that could rival the Great Wall of China.

That one little lie:  “I am all alone.”  Leads women to give up, to give in.  To throw in the towel because, somehow, they have become something less than human in commiting this sin.

That one little lie doesn’t rest.  Soon comes the deluge:  “I can never be free.”  “This is love.”  “There is no hope.”  “God couldn’t love me.” “I’ll never have normal relationships.”  “I am screwed up.”  “I am not worth more than this.”  It goes on…painfully, for miles.

Outsiders do a fantastic job of reinforcing that fence.  Treating those women like they can never be free, like God doesn’t love them, like they are screwed up.  But here’s the clincher- it only takes one.

Lust and all of it’s baggage centers on one lie- the twisted view of God’s love.  It’s the lie that got us from the very beginning.  Satan convinced Eve that God was holding out on her, that He didn’t really have her best in mind.  In essence, that God didn’t really love her.

And she believed him.


That’s the lie women have been buying for millenia, and who can blame them?  With divorce rates, and abuses and all the rests of Satan’s scars plastered all over society, our first instinct is still to blame God.  If God loved me, my parents wouldn’t have divorced.  If God loved me, I wouldn’t have been raped.  If God loved me… If…. If…

And there’s your lie.  There is no “if.”  God’s love is not a question, it is a truth.  A fact.  A proven fact mind you.  Don’t believe me?  Head to Romans 5:8 that tells us that God showed His love to us by dying for us while we were yet sinners.  There is no if.

We often feel like failures if we fail God in our walks to freedom.  We, for some reason, have the thought in our head that God doesn’t want us until we are perfect.  That we have to free ourselves first before He will reach for us.  How untrue.  Lies- the lot of them.

You want victory from your sin?  You have it.  Did you know that?  Of course not; the devil doesn’t tell you that.  That chain link fence that rivals the Great Wall of China has a big gaping hole in it called the Cross.  You are already free!  But so often, we feel that, when we fall we mustn’t truly be free.  Another lie.

Christ, through Calvary, has given us victory.  We don’t have to fight, we don’t have to beat down, we don’t have to do any of everything we are trying to do.  You know what we do?  Run.  Yes, that’s right, we run, run right through that hole, right into grace.  And keep on running.

 What lie are you believing?

Find God’s truth and believe that instead.

(This is a repost from January 17, 2011.)