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Looking Ahead

This is it!  This final week of the series is the one you have probably been wanting me to get to (on that note, I apologize that this is late).

This week is all about moving forward.  

Up until this point, we haven’t really gone anywhere, if you think about it.  We have tried to protect ourselves from falling.  We have worked on strengthening our relationship with God.  We have worked on restoring broken relationships.  That is all good, and important, but it is incomplete.

We look back.  Look up.  Look around and then we look ahead.

Too often, we like to skip straight to this part.  We want to be wrestling with porn on day 1 and then somehow, magically, wake up on day 2 completely in love with God, full of joy, healed, content, and no longer tempted.  It doesn’t work like that.

At the same time, it doesn’t do any good to be ‘free’ if you aren’t going somewhere.

If we don’t move forward in our freedom, we might as well not be free.  If you are not taking steps forward, but instead choosing to wallow in pity, or fear, or shame, you are not living free.  Freedom is a bigger idea than just “not looking at porn anymore.”

Freedom is an abundant life and to live that you have to move forward.



  • Where are you ‘stuck’?  Maybe it’s unforgiveness for past hurts.  Maybe it’s fear, shame, loneliness.  What are some things that are holding you back?  If you are having a hard time pinpointing them, then look at someone you admire (you can use the relationship list from last week) and think of what you admire in them.  If you feel yourself saying, “I could never be like that” that very well could be an area where you are stuck.