Purity & Freedom

Look Up

(Read Week 1 of this series here)

The first seven days of this series were spent setting a framework for your walk in freedom.  It all boils down to discipline, and taking this one step at a time.  You are not just breaking free from something; you are changing a lifestyle.  This means that the discipline that helps you avoid tempting situations also has to be present in other areas of your life.

Last week, we looked back- back at our struggles.  This week, we are going to look up.

This week will not be about pornography.  It will not be about lust.  Your roadblocks need to stay in place and you need to stay on your guard, but this week is all about focus.

Your focus in freedom is always Christ.

This week we are laying the groundwork for your faith.  It starts with reconnecting with God.  In our struggles, we can distance ourselves from God.  We can feel that He would never want anything to do with us.  We can feel that He hates us or is disgusted with us.  In fact, you might have found the different prayer points from last week difficult or even discouraging.

The truth is, He loves us beyond measure.  Your sin is an offense to Him, but He longs to see you free from it.  He already set the groundwork for your freedom.  He paved the way, so part of this journey will be strengthening that relationship with Him.  It’s going to take work, but it is going to be worth it.  So look up!



  • Kick start:  Set aside a chunk of time (30 minutes to an hour) to just be real with God.  Re-establish that relationship by just being real about where you’ve been the last few days, weeks, months, years.  It might be a letter, or some pages in your journal, or just talking out loud, but make sure to express whatever is on your heart.  Share your journey- pains, troubles, discouragement, relationships.  Lay it all out on the table (this is more for your own heart).
  • Pray through Psalm 121.  If you’ve never prayed through a passage of Scripture, it is simply a way of turning the words on the page into a desire.  The verse might say, “My help comes from the Lord.”  You would pray something like, “God, I know my help comes from you” or “help me remember my help comes from You.”