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Lessons From “The Voice”

 Last night, I sat and watched through the first episode of NBC’s new show, “The Voice.”  If you haven’t seen it: It is American Idol without the “idol” part.  Fact of the matter is, in American Idol, we all know looks factor into it.  In the Voice, they can’t.  More than that, they aren’t picking the best singers, they are picking the ones they want to train and work with to make them better.

As I watched it, it thrilled me.  These people who, according to the world’s standards, would never have a chance, are seeing their dreams realized in spite of how they look, and even despite how they sing.  They are finding someone who believes in what they can become.

Isn’t that how we all wish it was?

For women especially, that’s how we wish it was.  We want a love that is, indeed, blind.  Pornography, cybering, lust all fill that need, but not with a blind love.  They don’t give us a blind love, they make us blind to love.  They force us to change who we are in order to receive love and only worry about what it does for them. It would be like American Idol meets Extreme Makeover.  In order to have a chance at your dreams, you have to change who you are.

That’s just life, right?


Besides being a highly intriguing reality show, The Voice actually has a small reflection of the love of God.  He loves us just because- regardless of how we look, and in one area that’s different, He loves us regardless of our talent.  He doesn’t choose us based on what we can do, but just because He can!

We don’t have to turn to pornography and buy all the right clothes, say all the right things, everything we are looking for can be found in Christ.  He chose us when He died on the cross.  In that moment, He said,

“I know you.  It doesn’t matter how you look, in fact, I love how you look, because I made you that way.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, because I have covered that.  I don’t care about your abilities, because I have unlimited power and strength waiting for you.  I will never ask you to do something that I won’t walk through with you.  I love you.  I am dying for you because I love you.”

He has chosen us, all that’s left for us is to choose Him and find our completeness, our love, our voice in Him.