Lust & Fantasy

Image of Love

Growing up, every girl desires to be cherished. Every woman settles for being desired. What lets us, as people, created in the image of love itself, settle for something less than second best? What lets us be content with lust? 

Very few, if any, little boys grow up imagining beating up women. Instead, they don foil suits and wield cardboard swords. They tear through the house battling villains, dragons and evil queens. They scale castle walls all to rescue a fair maiden trapped in some yonder tower.  Little girls grow up imagining a knight, slaying a fierce beast, love conquering all. That man will one day sweep us off our feet and we will walk the aisle in radiant white to take our place by his side.

Fairy tales – all of it. And everyone knows fairy tales aren’t true.

As we grow up, we realize that, we realize that our foil armor doesn’t protect and the cardboard swords do not pierce. What we often fail to realize is that the dragons, the dungeons, the evil villains, those are all very real.  Hearts are crushed as women cry out, “Where are all the good men?” Men are frustrated and cry out, “Why do they expect so much from us? We aren’t perfect!”

In the middle of the disillusions, we settle for less than second best. We settle for the least of everything. We just accept life as it is.  We accept pornography- it is a ‘part of life’ a ‘business.’ We accept pornography in the lives of those around us- they’ll “grow out of it” or “boys will be boys.” We let the dragon into our lives, into the most intimate part of our being and wonder how on earth we have been burned. Then, we accept it.

I doubt that it would be a hard stretch to blame pornography for many of our modern-day gender role problems. Why should men have to treat women like princesses when the women on TV just do whatever their men want? Why should women have to act with any sort of decorum when that isn’t what men are looking for? Men settle for being pigs, women settle for being doormats.

But that is not the life God has called us to. Love, Himself, crafted us, created us, redeemed us, and sustains us. He calls us to be so much more, to forsake lust and embrace an eternal, powerful, love. A love worth fighting for, standing for, and dying for.