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Holy Halloween: Thoughts on Modesty, Sex, and Costumes

HOLY Halloween

I can already see some of you now, completely offended by that title, gearing up to either click the “x” or scroll down to the comments to let me have it. Before you do that, let me explain something. Holiness is something I take very seriously. It is one of the, if not the most, important attributes of God. As Christians, we are called to be holy like Christ is holy.  That is precisely why I am writing this.

This is not a debate over whether or not people should engage in Halloween.  Neither is it a discussion on the origins of Halloween or anything of the sort.  Many a blogger has presented their case for participating in Halloween, or not participating.  Churches offer “Christian” alternatives for it, others celebrate “Harvest rallies.”  Whether or not you celebrate Halloween is not the point here.

I write today to address one thing and one only- the clothes.

This past weekend, I was invited to a housewarming party.  Since it was so close to Halloween, the other guests decided to make it a costume party- a fun 21st century masquerade.  I decided to go looking for a costume.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I have not dressed up in costume since I was a young girl.  One Halloween, I donned my mother’s wedding dress (not even kidding) and went trudging around the block with my brothers and sister in tow.  Another year, I got an orange jacket and painted black stripes on it so I could be a tiger.  My brother would walk around in a sweat suit with a basketball as a basketball player.  Some years we went ‘trick or treating’ in our snow suits because there was snow on the ground.

Snow suits.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into a local Halloween store.  I was absolutely blown away by the assortment of hyper-sexualized costumes being marketed to women and young girls.  What are we telling them about their bodies and about sex?

As I walked through the costume section, I saw a man gawking at a particular costume.

Odd, I thought, this is the woman’s section.  As he walked away, I moved in to see what he had been looking at (yes, I’m a nosey people watcher).  No wonder he had been standing here staring!  The packaging for this particular costume looked like a porn advertisement.

There stood the model, in nothing but a push-up bra, boots, and the ‘adult tutu’ being marketed which barely covered her butt. That isn’t a Halloween costume; that’s a fetish outfit.  No wonder parents don’t want their kids trick-or-treating!

I walked by that display a couple more times in my search.  Finally, as I got ready to leave, I pulled the package off and hung it back up- backwards.  I was tired of seeing her.  Tired of watching little girls run up the aisle with princess dresses on one side and porn outfits on the other.

Then I got home and started to look up makeup tutorials.  Everything was “sexy.”  Sexy zombie, sexy fallen angel, sexy she-devil, sexy vampire, sexy mermaid, sexy Avatar, even the bride of Chucky was somehow sexy.  What on earth?

That’s it.  I have had, seen, heard enough.

How can we even consider that sexy?  Honestly.  If you were sitting in a restaurant and a woman walked in looking like the bride of Chucky, you wouldn’t think “sexy,” you’d think, “call the cops.”

Why is it that Halloween can so twist ‘sexy?’  I do not understand that.  Why is it that, as Christians, we think that a nationwide costume day is a good excuse to dress like we have no morals?

I am no fashion expert and am certainly not a makeup artist, but if, like me, you are just looking for a fun costume that doesn’t make you look like you belong in the next X-rated film, here are some thoughts.

1. Stay away from the costume aisle.  Unless you’re all about being the grim reaper or Scream, your choices are limited.

2. Be creative.  Who wants to look like everyone else anyway?  One ‘costume’ that I absolutely loved was a “Zombie bride” dress I saw at a local thrift store.  It was an old wedding dress that had been ripped up and smeared with different colors of paint. I thought it was so gorgeous and didn’t even realize it was “Zombie Bride” until someone told me. (Confession:  If I were a size zero, I would have bought it.)  Think outside the box, because anything in a box is likely immodest.

3.  Save your money; use what you already have.  Can we really, as good stewards of the money God has given us, justify spending $100 on a costume, $20 on a wig, $20 on fake teeth and nails, etc?  You could probably pull a fun costume out of your very own closet.  Treat your closet like a basket from “Chopped.”  Take it as a challenge.  If you need some accent pieces, ask friends or hit your local thrift store.

4.  Keep it simple.  Don’t overthink this.  It’s just a one day thing.  Make it fun and enjoyable.  You don’t need fake ears, a full-body suit, fake arms jutting out of your head or anything like that.  For instance, with just some eye-shadow, you could paint a masquerade mask on your face.

5.  Keep it classy, not sexy.  It may be hard to find the line here, because I’ve found from personal experience that looking classy makes me feel confident which makes me feel sexy.  However, there is a difference between the ‘sexy’ that comes with feminine mystique and the sexy that gets up in someone’s face.  Some of this has to do with clothes, but makeup also plays a huge role in this.

6.  When it comes to makeup, the middle zone is the danger zone.  Either go natural or go over-the-top.  It’s the stuff that looks like maybe you can wear it in real life that gets dangerous.

7.  Leggings are not pants.  Do I need to explain this one? Be a female superhero if you would like, but if I can see every dimple through your ‘pants,’ you may as well not be wearing them.

Remember, ladies, whether we are ‘in costume’ or not, modesty is important.  If the outfit you are looking at makes you think of the things you should not be watching, imagine what it is doing to the guys.  If it looks like it belongs in a bedroom, not on the street, then don’t wear it on the street.  And finally,

8. If it makes you want to make ‘duck lips,’ it’s a no.  Unless, of course, it’s Daisy Duck.



  1. I felt the same way, when looking for costumes 2 years ago. I didn’t want to feel half-naked out on the street! So, I used my imagination and combined some of my normal clothes an made a fun outfit, that made me feel comfortable. I love all of your posts! Thank you for them!! I think that one of the main problems of society is the need to have everything sexyfied.

  2. I feel the same way. What’s even more depressing is the age these costume makers are marketing to. Not just teenagers and adult women, but young girls, pre-teens and even toddler costumes have the tutus, short skirts and short tops. I have had the most fun with my costumes when I have been able to use things out of my own closet. I went as Ugly Betty one year, by wearing several different items that didn’t match (plaid skirt with a striped top) and a serape. Another year I went as a gypsy by layering several broom skirts together. I received compliments on these, I had everything in my closet already, and I felt comfortable and modest in them.
    Thank you so much for all your great blogs and articles. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. Can I get a witness that #7 should be a rule for everyday life, not just halloween??

    1. AMEN!