Purity & Freedom

Forgetting What Is Behind

 “Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before…”  Philippians 3:13 {KJV}

Letting go.

Moving forward inevitably involves turning our backs on what is behind us.

This might be the hardest step of this whole process.  So much is wrapped up in this step.  When we turn our back, we are acting in full faith of the work of Christ on the cross.  We are stepping out in the power of the Spirit and saying, “I don’t have to do this anymore.”  We are, in essence, declaring our freedom.

And many of us get hung up here, because we don’t believe we actually have permission to be free.

We hear words like “addiction” and “disorder” and we feel like we are forever destined to be defective.  We feel crushed by guilt and shame and the idea that we actually have permission and ability to walk in freedom, without beating ourselves up, wearing a scarlet letter or dragging years worth of baggage- that idea completely overwhelms us.  It just can’t be true.

This is not to discount the impact of pornography.  It has a huge impact on us, even to the point of creating an addictive pattern.  Some of us may need help to break that.  Some of us may need professional help to break that, and that’s OK.  Some of us may need professional help to overcome issues in our past.  There is no shame in that.

This doesn’t mean we’ll be free from the effects or consequences.  I am forever changed because I’m a child of divorce and a porn addict.  Those things have shaped me, but just because they shaped me doesn’t mean they own me.  You can be free from the shame and the captivating power it has on you.  You don’t answer to it anymore.



  • At some point today, write down some attitudes that keep you trapped in the past.  What are some things you are not forgiving?  Some lies you are believing?  Some things you keep coming back to?  What can you do to start breaking free from those?
  • Is there anything in your past that you are having a hard time breaking free from?  Consider enlisting the help of a counselor to help you work through those issues.  No shame.