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Finding Accountability: Little Miss Perfect

If she doesn’t have a weakness, then she doesn’t have a strength.

Have you ever met one of those ‘perfect’ Christians?  I like to call them Christian Barbie.  She’s that woman who has the perma-smile on her face, the song in her heart (that proceeds to constantly come out of her mouth at the least appropriate times), the one who not only has an answer for everything, her answers sound like something in a Christian day reader calendar or like she found it inside a fortune cookie at the local Chinese restaurant.  You know who I’m talking about.

I met a few Christian Barbies in college, and I hated them, but for very different reasons than I hate dislike them now.

Here’s something remember:  Barbie is plastic, and fake, and while she may appear perfect, she is not humanly possibly.

Little Miss Barbie would be a freak if she were made into a real human.

It draws some fun parallels for the sake of illustration!

Christian Barbies aren’t real either!  Yes, they may look perfect, and they may appear to have everything you want, but they will not do you any good at all.  A Christian Barbie cannot be an accountability partner no more than the toy ones can.

For true accountability and growth there needs to be mutual honesty and transparency.

Does that mean you have to know every one of her secrets?  No.  Matter of fact, you don’t have to know any of her secrets, it’s enough to know she has them.  She needs to be human.

Why “Christian Barbies” stunt spiritual growth.

1.  Our expectations become unreal

If we expect ourselves to be some bubbly, effervescent, carefree Christian, we have another guess coming to us.  Truth is, at no point are we told that our lives will be easy or carefree.  If she doesn’t have her feet firmly grounded in some form of reality, you are only going to get frustrated trying to be like her.  We all know what happens when we get frustrated.  Here’s a hint: it’s the opposite of freedom!

2.  Fear sets in

Fear is a big friend to a recovering addict.  The devil will look for any reason to keep us from walking in freedom.  If, for just one minute, he can convince us that this whole accountability thing is a lost cause, he will try.  If we have an accountability partner who seems “too good to be true” we will begin to question if our continued failure will make her snap.  We will begin to wonder if she’s secretly judging us.  We will just begin to wonder… and that ‘wonder’ is probably what got us here in the first place.

Accountability is no place for fantasy.  Truth is real.  It cries; it bleeds; it hurts.  It is rock-solid and a firm place for us to find our feet again.