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Ending Excuses


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Did you ever try to get out of gym class?  I did!  I never faked a stomach ache or anything like that, but I would look for any reason to have my mom write me an excuse note (that’s all it took for us).

Mom, I’m really tired today.  Can you excuse me from gym?

Mom, I don’t have clean gym clothes, can you write me a note?

Mom, I need to study for a test, can you sign this excuse slip?

If you think about it, most of the time we make an excuse because of a lack of discipline and/or planning.

I was tired because I hadn’t gone to bed the night before.  I didn’t have clean gym clothes because I was too lazy to wash them.  Sure, I had a test, but I had plenty of time to study for it.  I just really didn’t want to do gym.

As you walk this journey of freedom, it might start to feel a lot like gym class.  You might find your heart and mind looking for any excuse to just take a break.

You have a headache.  You’re too stressed.  You need to relieve some of that.

It’s not your fault that guy was flirting with you.  What are you supposed to do with that sexual tension?  Ignore it?

You have a project to finish, you have to use the computer right now!

The way to counteract excuses is to make a no-excuse policy.  Make your roadblocks ‘mandatory.’  They aren’t just good ideas; right now, they need to be non-negotiable.  As my mom would say, “No ‘and’, ‘if’, or ‘buts’ about it.”  This is something you need to do for the sake of your freedom.

It might mean rescheduling parts of your life.  It might mean growing discipline in other areas- maybe you need to go to bed early so you aren’t tired.  Maybe you need to limit your contact with men right now until you are better equipped to handle temptation.

Whatever area you might struggle with, determine in your heart today that there will be no more excuses.



  • Romans 6:11-13.  Keep those alarms set!
  • Think of the excuses you make to ‘allow’ yourself to fall.  When you take your time to pray, pray for strength against each of those, specifically.  Try to trace them back to their root in your life (If I would go to bed earlier, I wouldn’t be so tired, etc).
  • Initiate roadblock #4.  This could be as simple as a post it note on your computer screen or a Bible verse on your mirror.  This is going to be more of a reminder for when you kick into ‘auto pilot.’