Purity & Freedom

Don’t Let Down Your Guard

A week has passed.  How are you doing?

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Maybe it has been hard, a struggle.  Perhaps you have fallen and are frustrated and discouraged.  You moved the computer, put down your roadblocks, but you just keep running them over.

Then again, some of you might find this easy.  

You might have made it through the last seven days without incident and you feel great.  You feel like temptation has left you for good.  Your faith is strong.  Your resolve is stronger.  You have this freedom thing all figured out.  It’s over.

No, no, it isn’t.

We want this to be over with as quickly as possible.  We want this freedom thing to be easy, but habits don’t break easily, much less sinful, addictive ones.  If you are on cloud 9 after seven days, please prep your parachute, because temptation leaves no one alone.

You may feel like you’re ready to bring that computer back into the room.  No compromises.  No excuses.  You legitimately feel ready.  You have looked at your checklist of ‘how I’ll know I’m free’ and you can check everything off:

You don’t feel tempted- check

You aren’t having lustful thoughts- check

You aren’t getting angry- check

You’ve told someone and they still love you- check

But that’s today, that’s the first step in freedom on very wobbly legs.  That’s a little one wanting their training wheels off after a couple trips on a new bike.  That’s courting failure and flirting with your weakness.

Give it time.  Give yourself time to heal, and grow stronger.  Do not stop purposefully walking in freedom.  Do not think that a few good days are ‘enough’ to build new habits and new strengths.  If you are doing well, that’s great, but do not let down your guard.



  • Last day with Romans 6:11-13.  Have you memorized it yet?  Keep praying for strength and insight.  A good day doesn’t mean you have it figured out.
  • Implement road block #5.  Look back over all of your ‘roadblocks’: have you compromised, let them slip, made excuses?  Put them back in place.