Does Dress Matter?

“There’s nothing wrong with looking like a sexual object.”

That, by far, might be the worst thing you could ever say to any woman who takes a stand on purity, much less Christian singer, actress and Grammy Award Winner, Rebecca St. James.  Last night, on the Hannity show, a liberal attorney (coincidentally wearing a halter top that reached all the way down to Cleveland) made that very statement to Rebecca St. James.

Can you spell mistake?

At the beginning of the interview, Rebecca shared her stand on purity.  She has written a song about it, spoken out on it, written a book about it, and up until two weeks ago actively practiced abstinence (it’s ok– she got married).  As she was listing off her credentials and how she married a “holy hunk” and loves the t-shirt “Modest is Hottest” her liberal counterpart loudly exclaimed,

“This is disturbing.”


Farbeit from me to know how waiting until your wedding night to have sex and choosing to dress modestly because you believe you are worth more could possibly be disturbing.

If you watch the video you will witness what happens to the thoughts, minds and hearts of women who believe the devil’s lies about themselves.  The lawyer cried out women’s rights.  Rebecca spoke to women’s respect.  While Rebecca encouraged women to protect themselves, the lawyer fussed that Rebecca was blaming the victim.  Do you see the correlation with sin in our lives?!  How the devil twists the truth?

While Rebecca encouraged women to dress modestly because they don’t have to be a sexual object to attract a guy, the lawyer replied (with a statement that visibly shocked Rebecca), “There’s nothing wrong with looking like a sex object.”

She then went on to say, “There is nothing wrong with being attractive.”

May I interject that being attractive and being a sex object are two completely different things?

How about we go with this approach from a different angle.  Do you want to be a sex object? An overwhelming amount of women would answer, “Well of course not.”  So could someone please tell me why we have scores of half-naked women marching our streets for the cause of women’s rights??

It’s so twisted.

The life God has for us is worth a whole lot more.  As the lawyer said (one sensible thing she did say), “It’s what’s on the inside that matters.”


So dress to protect the outside while you let a guy know you on the inside.

Sin turns us all around.  It isn’t your “right” to dress like a slut.  It is your right to not have to dress like a slut.  It is your right to believe that God created you for more than thisThose are your rights, and that’s alot better than walking down the street in fishnet hose and lace panties.

Just sayin’.


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  1. well said. women are traficked all over the earth and others claim the ‘right’ to 9 as one of my little 8th grade cherbus said, advertise themselves. I told my class of my phyical aversion to my 6 hours in Amsterdam 25 years ago, they all yawned like it was no big deal. i weep nearly daily for my little ones who have believed the lies from the pit of hell itself.